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2 years ago
فجرو التعليق لايكات Edited
2 years ago
الي يحب الله و الرسول و امه ابوه و اخته و اخوه يحط لايك و يحطني فيفوريت لحسابي
a month ago
خاتم مصحفين وحافظ 17 ديانه
6 months ago
طارق احبك
7 months ago
اسطورة يبني
7 months ago
نايس ناخد بدجات ازاي
10 months ago
افضل مبرمج في الشرق الاوسط انت
افضل مبرمج في الشرق الاوسط انت
a year ago
علي الطلاج انت اسطورة
عيد ميلاد سعيد
a year ago
طارق قامد :famous:
a year ago
اخيس مبرمج في العالم
a year ago
Renklerde, şekillerde ve fikirlerde iyi tat <3
علي الطلاج انت راجل جامد 😂
@TARIQ test
a year ago
صباح القشطة علا بروفايل طاروق شو هيدا يخرب بيتا
a year ago
الي يحب الله يعطيني لايك
a year ago
من افضل المبرمجين في الشرق الاوسط
a year ago
@xCuzSkillz#9889 i will kill you🌚
شُجاع ، صنديد ، فارِس ، شَهم ، مِقدام ، كفوّ ، مطنُوخ ، كريمَ ، فهِيم ، قويّ ، عَنيد ، سمْح ، نشمِي ، شيخ ، عطيبُ المَضاريب ، دعار، بَطل , أًشوَسُ , أَسَد, مِقْدَام, قوي ، رجل ، كفو ، صقر ، بطل ، ذيبان ، نسر ، جلاد، مطنوخ ، ذيب, فَتَّاك, بَتار , مقدام ‏، ‏السنافي ، المطنوخ،
a year ago
الي ما يحطلي فيفورت في حسابي بلحقه بألنعال :catlol:
a year ago
Cursed Profile and Coursed Developer :catlol:
حمار حفظة الله و رعاه
من غشنا ليس منا اعطوني فيفوريت
يلي يحب الله ورسوله يحط لايك ويسوي تعليق على حقي البروفايل
2 years ago
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh bro 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
2 years ago
2 years ago
سو لي تعليقات يا جماعة
2 years ago
Best Developer In Middle East :catlol:
2 years ago
اذا لم تضعني فيفورت فعلم ان الشيطان منعك
2 years ago
الي يحب الله يحط لايك
2 years ago
ذا مطعم يباني فاخر :catlol:
best trash in the world
2 years ago
هل اكون سبب مئه مستغفر :emoji_193::emoji_191: ؟؟
ايسلام اليكم
2 years ago
2 years ago
اسطورة من يومك, ترا انا مب طارق
2 years ago
Best developer in the world 😉 :catlol:
2 years ago
نصاب انا الي معطيه الفكرة
2 years ago
Who Asked? Edited
2 years ago
كيف بس و انا اضبكم بالحركات :catlol:
2 years ago
:catlol: اهلا اخواني اخواتي
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Bio 6 months ago
Connect life to a number, Introduce Yourself To The World Easier
Fast Bots 6 months ago
Discord bots never been easier with Fast Bots, receive your bot immediately upon purchase, manage your bot user & bot subscription directly from dashboard
Chat Logs a year ago
A chat logs online saver for discord bots to save messages history & cleared messages online
Discord Info a year ago
The most modern discord info website that supports users, servers, invites & templates info
MySQL Database a year ago
Easily modify your MySQL database data with easy functions
Filer a year ago
Upload multiple and large files with no limits from the first device and download the file on your second device using file code, no login required
Developers List a year ago
Profiles for developers to link their projects, create teams & improve their skills and show others their creativity
Ticks a year ago
A discord Bot that supports many features such as: Suggestions System, Embeds, Statistics and Auto Role with an easy & stylish to use dashboard (For Completely 100% Free)
Temporary Channels Discord Bot a year ago
a custom modern temporary channels discord bot that works with buttons, selects with a control-panel/dashboard
Select Menus Discord Bot a year ago
a custom select menus discord bot,
could be used for:
- mention notifications
- colors roles
- and for any #choose-role channels
Youtube Video Widget
GitHub Widget
TARIQ's Posts 6 Posts
:devlist: Dev List v4 a year ago
:experiences: Development Experiences is now supported
:mentions: New mentions suggester, available in all mentions-supported features
:blogger: New Blogger badge
- You can get this badge if your profile and blog is active & have at least 15 posts
- There is a possibility of removing the badge from you incase you aren't active anymore in your blog
- To apply for the badge after reaching the requirements: Blogger Badge
:certificates: Certificates is now available
- You will be able to upload your own certificates or documents, whether it is a image or a PDF file & they will appear in your profile in the Certificates page section
:URLShortener: You can get a Vanity URL for free now without a premium subscription!
Also vanity url domain has been changed from devlist.vip to devlist.me
The old url will still be working but its deprecated and we won't update it anymore, also there is a possibility that it will be disabled in the next few months
Enjoy with the short vanity URLs, and don't forget to put it in your status / about me sections :thonks:
:themecreator: We've added --text key color for themes, which means you can modify the main website's text color (to support light themes)
It will be further developed in the feature to support advanced text color customization
Dev List now supports mentions! a year ago
Dev List now supports mentions in:
- Blog Posts including (Title + Content)
- Projects including (Name + Description + FAQ)
- Profile Bio
- Comments
- Certificates Names
Thanks to me @TARIQ lol
Blog Posts Images :catlol: a year ago
Blogs posts now supports images or multiple images :devlist: :catlol:
100 Developer on the platform a year ago
We just hit 100 Developer Profile on the website :catlol: :devlist:
i need money a year ago
buy premium NOW i need money :catlol:
Buy here now fast quick
first post on devlist :devlist: a year ago
first :catlol:
:certificates: Testing certificates a year ago

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