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I am Fqcxn. I am known for absolutely nothing. I make discord bots, enhanced artificial intelligence robots to help you with your needs, and more! I would like all of you to try out my projects and I hope that you would enjoy them as I did while making them!

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese
Programming Languages: Javascript, Python

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3 months ago
Hello Everyone!
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🤡 When you can't debug bot errors.
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Fqcxn Bot 3 months ago
Fqcxn. A discord packed with features!

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If You Can Do This 2 months ago
If you can join my worthless server. That will be a great offer. IDK if it is alt accounts tho. I just needed member fills for more members. I believe this is against the Terms of Service so no alt accounts.
New System! 2 months ago
I have a new bot system for you. Introducing fall bumps for your service. It's just like Disboard but there's a catch, there will be no website, just a simple configuration and a sort of premium system and you are off! I will release this soon as well as more discord servers you can join!
Dev List Released! 3 months ago
Hello fellow humans of Fqcxn. I wanted to say that Fqcxn Dev List Profile has been released and thank you for looking through my profile!

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Fqcxn Bot 3 months ago
Get the bot Verified! 3 months ago 32%

I want to get this bot verified since this is a project I wanted verified. The other projects I made were just awful since there was no activity on the bot. Now that I had made a new and improved bot, I want you guys to try it out!

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